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The right to self-defense is inalienable!
Nature shows us how: every being uses passive or active protective measures to maintain undamaged existence.

We present people are exposed to a technology that makes self-defense imperative.

Mind Control mechanisms are everywhere and disrupt / destroy the basis of human existence: the right and the duty to personal development and well-being.


We can not escape.

But we can offer "Paroli"!
We can reflect attacks!

There are known mechanisms, such as hyper-dimensional planes penetrate our 3-D world.
On dimension levels of the 6th and 7th dimension there is no longer hide - everything is known. (for more information click "Quantum-Field" at the sidebar)

We use this to identify and scan aggressive intentions and further on put it in a structural context for sending this "organized crime" of mind control back to the authors: amplified (!)

This happens instantly - in the zero time zone.

Please read the essay with further explanations:




If the Meissner Effect was a product of engineering feats, (such as bridge construction or ship building) it would be known as a “technical masterpiece”.

However it has another feature that has resulted from quantum-physics realisations and knowledge of the last few decades!!!


Technically the term “Meissner effect” refers to the generation of Superconductivity at very cold temperatures. To simplify, the magnetic field of objects treated with the Meissner effect become imperceptible to surrounding influences!!! (Please research further through a search engine if interested)


The Meissner Effect

as Personal Protection

A similar result to this “quantum level” energy field can be achieved on a personal level, and besides, additional qualities can also be produced!!!

We are 'multisensory' beings that resonate with energetic transmissions that are predominately below the threshold of deliberate perception.

It's a commonly held experience for 'the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up', to warn of an unusual experience.

This hunch or feeling is not perceived through our five senses, but by means of what we would term an all surrounding field of “fine-material” which is also of an electromagnetic nature, and difficult to prove.

On a worldwide societal level, we are in difficult times, that's a definite and very obvious by reading any newspaper.

What most people are largely unaware however is that methods of frequency modulation that weaken the immune system are implicated.

Simply stated that is, people falling ill due to the psychosomatic manipulation of thought and emotion – inexplicable symptoms, depression and suicidal ideation.

We have had enough of it! We are fed up with it! Hence we have developed a protective method over 5 year+ research project.


From our knowhow of quantum dynamic research we have learnt to isolate different “frequency responses”:

FOR: Constructive. Compassionate.

AGAINST: Destructive. Power-crazy and depleting/ negating.


The Meissner effect operates here as a filter that immediately recognises such influences and in the AGAINST scenario block them IMMEDIATELY. Your personal freedom and integrity are protected.


Although it may almost sound unbelievable - the knowledge field of quantum physics and the logical conversion of the principles has lead to astounding results.


Now it is possible, due to the extensive work of our research group, to generate an energetic shield that reflects any attack or aggression that could possibly affect an innocent person!


This simply means that the perpetrators become the subjects of their own attacking plans.


It’s absolutely unimportant whether the aggressive action is perpetuated by individuals or by an organisation.

ALL people involved in this action receive its affect!

For the purposes of a higher order this is justice.


You understand that this is a powerful tool and of course it’s stipulated that members have basic compassion toward people. Everyone will confirm that there is no place for unethical actions.


How does this work then?

The quantifiable feature lies in the“quantum room”- and this is a timeless level.

The whole “apparatus” is accommodated in the fom of a multidimensional information spectrum. This spectrum recognises negative intentions (against) and IMMEDIATELY produces superconductivity for the person affected. The person basically becomes inaccessible to the negative intention.

Naturally it is a condition that members are linked to the Meissner effect.

A special resonance system (individualized QR-Code) works as an address and will ensure everyday membership and the consequent protective effect of the Meissner Effect Protection Club.

The program is firmly embedded in higher dimensions - and can never be erased.  Until they give up! Then the program is still present - but has no reference points. It just "sleeps".

As a new member of this extraordinary protective club all we need from you is a personalized and anonymous QR-Code (with some data from you but not readable for us - we explain this later) sent to us by e-mail.

We do not store any personal information!

Please arrange a monthly subscription payment by PAYPAL (below).

If you would like to give this information to friends and acquaintances that may perhaps also need this protection, please do so.


What does membership for the Meissner Effect Protection Club cost?

Please acknowledge that this is a very special and unique club with great investment and daily effort of several hours to ensure the success of the Meissner effect-information spectrum to guarantee 24/7 protection.

Of course you are also invited to incorporate your family members in this protection.

A few years ago this club was only  accessible to a few and the membership fee was quite high (> $ 300  monthly)
Meanwhile, we could gradually reduce the fee.

Now we do an action fee - to provide as many people as possible protection.

This does make sense because the so-called "group effect" increases the effect with each new member.


Become a member today for only

NZ$ 99.- per month.


Pari Pari - Membership monthly NZD 99.-  Currency Converter

(Please subscribe for each family member seperatly)



Best wishes for your future - and a great and hearty “Welcome to the Pari Pari Protection Club”!


Yours sincerely,

The Superconductivity Team *

* We administer this page only - we are not the executors


After arrangement of the PayPal subscription you are forwarded to a separate page with email contact and can email your personalized QR-Codes  (how to do this will be explained;  just a few simple steps and anonymity is guaranteed!)




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